What I am attempting here is far from some philosophical romp. There have been enough philosophers since day one and they’re all dead. I suppose that if one needs to wax philosophical one comes up against the barrier of: “been there, said that.” Besides, I am not one who can call myself the smartest person in the room. I went along way from home to prove how far from smart I am.

I also don’t know a blessed thing about you. Who you are, where you came from, or what you’ve been through. I do feel that we have life in common though and that’s as far as I will take my philosophical pavement. That pavement unerringly ends in a rutted dirt road which is why I drive a Jeep JK. You see how I deftly dodge the philosophical for quips and writing of analogies? It isn’t an art or I could not perform it. I play a little guitar and that helps keep me out of trouble and that is as deeply into art as I feel comfortable.

It is my consideration that trouble is what builds character. Trouble is a problem that we make for ourselves and we all do this ad infinitum as our heads bounce off one wall then another. I believe it is called imperfection and that realization is what we all need to study a little more. Indeed, imperfection is what we all have in common so I suppose it is not going too far to say that we all are predisposed to make problems for ourselves? I know that this is an axiom because I’ve paid attention for seventy-five or so years. Maybe it is better to say that we cannot find that “easy way” through life no matter how hard we try. Lots of cars have dents because of this.

Were I a betting man I would say that I hit a few things on the head here as I go. Judging from this websites followers we do have at least a couple of things in common and that is as far as I’ll go. Typos for one. Were it not for typos to correct I would have twice as much written here. I find them a day or two after I put my blather here and it always makes me ask myself why I didn’t edit more carefully when I wrote. Imperfection!

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