Today the 105 degree, 6 day heat wave broke. No matter how hard I tried I could not spend a lot of time on the computer. So oppressive was the hot weather. Yet, I never once wanted a beer. Oh, there was a long ago time! It is tests like these that find if a person is safer than they used to be from a restart. So far, so good.

The temperature reached 95 today and it was comparatively cool to my wife and I. It got us speaking and remembering 2020, if memory serves, when it got up to 117 for two days. We live in a Mediterranean climate so everyone is missing lawns as the drought took place a few years back. So did the fires. They burned right up to our fence line, burned the house at the end of our street to the ground and the same with our neighbor’s garage and back of their house. The skies were orange for days and falling ash and cinders required constant vigilance.

Then came the looters and they left with their tails between their legs as you don’t mess with country folk. I won’t go into that but suffice it to say that nobodies house was looted.

I am back to the love of writing today as the days and nights begin to cool down. We will wait for the next onslaught though. There is always another onslaught and then its Christmas and we ask, “Where did the time go?”

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The Pieces Walking
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