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It wasn’t too long after being home from the hospital with my mind clearing up that I remembered how much I walked as a kid. The enjoyment of walking from town to town and in those days I was perfectly safe. I don’t include all the back packing I did as that was a different category and a 50 lb. pack doesn’t give you a lot of space for “deep thinking.” Walking just to get the heck out of the house is the reason I walk now. I know every neighbor within five miles now as I am consistent in my walking. It wasn’t exercise alone that started me though.

No, I thought of the enjoyment and requisite peace that being alone and moving at a fast clip gave. So, I began walking and found out just how sick I had been and overdid it by a mile. Frankly, I wasn’t sure I could get home as it was a very hot day that I chose and once again I had put myself in a tenuous position. Obviously I made it home but it had also taught myself a lesson and that was that I actually could be dumber than a rock. It didn’t stop me though, but I was learning how to wise up and take it one step at a time. Going from one’s near death bed to being active again is not a time to try to set new records unless one misses hospital care a lot. I didn’t miss it a bit!

To this day I walk at least four times a week and I always go three and sometimes six miles at a good clip. It is a quiet place and I have time to organize my ducks into neat rows or pray my thanks to God for still being alive and know that being able to walk is a gift from Him. It could have been the exact opposite and I know it. I no longer dwell on the drinking and this is the only place I write about it now. Thanks for listening and do get out and walk. You’ll thank me for suggesting it if you do. Check the temperature first though if you’re over seventy. I walk at 3.4 mph and use Strava to record my journey. I got sick of cheap pedometers that give you your distance like telling bad joke. I knew I went further than old Ped Ometer said I did. I bought a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and that gives me accuracy and helps me keep track. Works like a charm. Recommended also.

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