I feel I would be amiss if I didn’t place a photo of the one who helped me get through everything I had to get done after I achieved sobriety. This before my wife agreed to return and all was achingly quiet, like a cemetery of mind.

I purchased this instrument, Martin D-28, a few months before I was out of the Navy. That would be around the age of 23. I spent hours learning new songs with an emphasis on Paul Simon and finger picking. Sounds of Silence, April, Come She Will, etc. I shouldn’t forget Norwegian Wood, Beatles. I had a pretty nice stable of tunes by the time she came back and life has been wonderful since. Always aided by music therapy.

The image was captured with Nikon D 300 and an old rocking chair. It is one of my favorites because it says so much. Funny thing is, I have played drums professionally since age 28. Martin is my go-to for introspection, frustration with these old fingers and the joy of the Martins beautiful voice with mine searching for notes along side.

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