Independence Day

I wanted to write today about freedom because we should all be made more aware that there is a “we” in freedom. Also, I thought it might be a good thing for a combat vet to reissue the reason for my volunteering for service. We is the operative term here.

We, you and I, are only free because blood was spilled and lives taken in war after war to defend our country. The only country outside of Israel to hold God at the pinnacle of our lives and give Him the recognition of our creation and our freedom. It is no small thing to place God where He belongs; far above what you and I are. That America wrote all its founding documents recognizing God as Creator is singular in history. It is the “why” of all this blood spilled in 250 or so years: the freedom to worship as we see fit.

In these times we wonder what is missing. Why are people so full of themselves that they fail to recognize what it is that we possess in America. Why do they moan and groan incessantly about the founding of this country.

First and foremost, there is a sad lack of world history. The fact that it matters not the name of a country but that conquest is human nature and that conquest is never clean and lovely. Yet, it is a fact for every nation that has ever delineated a border to protect that which was conquered. A sad but true measure of the reality of human kind.

Again, we are free and this freedom came at great cost. It wasn’t won by our government it was won by you and I offering to give up our ability to breathe and pursuit of happiness for others to retain their freedom. I considered it a small cost if my death would allow all of those who followed me to be free. That did not happen so I write this to rekindle a lost love of just being free to think what we want and not be told what to do by our government.

We have lost a great deal of what was when I was in the service and all of this loss has been dictated by the left who have taken over my once Democrat Party. I left that party in disgust in the late 70s of last century. These are low quality people who are so full of bluster and ignorance that it sickens me.

Yet, I dream of a resurgence. A resurgence I will probably not see but that I hope for for the sake of my children and grandchildren as well as yours. We are all in this together and it is up to us to stop this fall from grace or reap the maelstrom of history. It is not too late but for my age so it is up to you. Happy, thoughtful fourth.

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