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It’s kind of depressing, politics. When it comes right down to it politics is a device for tearing people apart. Given enough time, politics is what divides and weakens or destroys a nation. It isn’t a question of, “has to be or doesn’t . . .” It just is.

For America it wasn’t always this way but it was enough this way to be a glimmer in the ensuing darkness of today. It is why our founders, much spat upon needlessly today, wrote the Constitution. They were wise because they had to be. They had perspective enough to see over the horizon and the reason the Constitution was written the way it was is for today. They saw this possibility because they understood the frailty of the human mind. So easily warped by “too much good times.” That is really the causation of today’s indiscriminate screaming at each other.

I ducked out of politics in 1978 to gain perspective, not on politicians, but life without politics. Nationally, this is not possible but individually it may be a necessity. I called it, “taking a step back.” This is when I turned into what some call a conservative. Vietnam was but one catalyst when I stopped to realize that each war of the twentieth century started when a Democrat was president except after 9/11. Bush may as well have been a Democrat but that’s for another day.

Mine has been a time of gaining perspective about humanity, both now and historically. History is not complete without a knowledge of Scripture either. I did both and gained a stable foothold after I went down in flames. I call it experience now.

Before this I was torn between life and death and wanting neither. Perspective is what kept me alive and I wouldn’t have garnered an inch without having flamed out. Peace is what I realized I was searching for and peace is not found in politics. Peace comes with well rounded perspective. Rounded like the lens of a microscope or telescope. Sometimes one needs to tear oneself down to the molecular level and reassemble oneself to find that lens. It is well worth the effort to rebuild. Peace.

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