I refer to myself, when asked for some unknown reason, as apolitical. I agree with those who say that nothing is 100% so I always allow myself a bit of wiggle room except when it comes to Scripture. I am firmly ensconced in the Bible and what it tells us is right and what it tells us is wrong. I also favor common sense, a thing I lacked for some time as you well know.

Today the Supreme Court sided with law, not Trump. A president enjoys some discretion when doing what needs to be done in office and after he should not be held legally responsible to be taken to court on a whim. The ruling of the court also helped Joe Biden and that is as it should be. Realize that I like nothing about Joe Biden except his leaving office ASAP.

Jack Smith, the U.S. attorney who is wrongfully prosecuting Trump was, today, brought up by the nape of the neck and told he was full of himself and his political witch hunt against Trump. Though this does give some leeway to those charges the major ones are roundly negated now. So, Trump wins again but we’ll have to see which charges he is falsely accused of might be made to stick.

I always put myself in another’s shoes. So I did with Trump. Doesn’t mean I am fond of the guy it only means the law is the law and if our government bends the law for political gains it needs to be stamped out immediately. If you or I were in the shoe’s of Trump we wouldn’t be able to afford a lawyer and prison would be our new home. All because a crook took the law into his own hands and disregarded our Constitutional rights. It is no accident that these same people of Jack Smith’s ilk also want to do away with the Constitution. This is why Trump, not some whiny Democrat, needs to be in office.

I took this moment for this aside as each win for Trump. Ironically, a win for Trump is a win for us and American justice which is subject to subterfuge when in the hands of socialists and liars.

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