The Gateway

As far as I am concerned it isn’t one substance or another that leads to addiction. This thing about pot not being a gateway drug is complete balderdash! I know exactly what the gateway is and most anything that takes you away from being you is a gateway. Granted, being us isn’t always ideal but think before you listen to friends who will tell you just about anything to make you feel that you need any other substance than your own sober mind.

Sobriety is its own reward and comes with love and caring for others. The synthetic high or organic, if you like to mince words, is destructive for many who don’t even know how they got in trouble in the first place. Quit one and feel good by using another more acceptable substance and join my club. Pot to booze, what a journey of lack of remembrance.

The gateway, so to parrot many in the progressive medical field, is getting high. PERIOD. Once you feel outside yourself just a bit it takes hold and more is always better, lasts longer, and spends your money for you. If you enjoy companionship and solving personal problems don’t get high. If you love to wallow in self-pity then drugs will help you be more pitiful. This, my readers, is an axiom.

If you have gotten sober then apologies and, in turn, forgiveness are absolutely necessary but only if you know damn well you’re done with high.

Then is when the sun shines once again.

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