The Road

I went down in 2013 and deserved every bit of what happened to me. I make no excuses nor do I hold any part of what I did to myself the fault of anyone else. I had a God given choice and I blew it. I also decided that my turn around would reduce or eliminate any shame I felt for it and that is what occurred. But, only after apologizing as best I could to all concerned. After all this nonsense I had yet to prove myself to myself and I did so, thus far, with no meetings whatsoever. We now have the occasional bottle of something or other left behind and I am disinterested in those bottles.

I am not bragging, I am offering hope to some who may be reading this while in the depths of that sickness. I figure that if I can do it there are many who can. I can’t give you a formula or equation to add, subtract or figure the square root of but I can tell you that I was tougher than I gave myself credit for . . . so far. Perhaps you are also? Meetings are a good way to sober up and see the road you’re on so go to them if you need to. I am no exception I just had to nearly die to sober up.

Life is never easy though we sometimes get a brief respite from the B.S. but that old fan is waiting just around the corner and it is loaded with . . . It is best to recognize that a beer or two is enough and if you require more and do so quite often it is time to reassess your mental health. If you’re like me there was never enough and getting more required driving under the influence at times. Stupid is as stupid does and I never once got pulled over. I am so happy to be shut of all of that. It feels like I’ve been let out of prison. Nope, never got jailed it’s just an analogy, thankfully!

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