So, Onward & Upward

This stuff culminated eleven plus years ago with an ambulance ride while I was unconscious to the hospital where I became aware of my surroundings about a month later. I could not walk nor take care of myself. My brain had swelled within the confines of the interior of my skull and my pancreas was near failure. Ha-ha, my liver was fine! Weird.

I stayed under critical care for about one month and then began a rather long journey back to being ambulatory. All the time I had no idea where I was or how I’d gotten there. For some divine reason my wife didn’t leave me but she wasn’t happy with me either. It was a veritable life altering stay in which I finally gained mental control over my combat service and the things I had done way back then. It was also a time of learning perspective and seeing how far behind me all of that now was. You see, once done a thing cannot be undone. Seems obvious in print but when it comes with color photographs it is difficult to put away. I found cupboards in my brain at that time and managed to file almost everything in those cupboards and lock them away. I retained the key so that, should I feel proud of myself at some later date, I could use that key and take a look at all I’d done and reduce any swollen head I got in life.

I don’t know, sometimes it takes brushing up against death to understand the value of life. For that matter, it is also the way to find God and His mercy toward any of us. He knows that we shouldn’t take life and that is where the lessons begin. These should also include all the morality that is lacking in this world and especially in this government of America. It’s an old and musty tune though isn’t it. It is the true anthem of humanity that we sing as we slaughter.

I am better now. For the first time since I was twenty-four I have a modicum of peace even as we come up against this wall of obscurity for our nation’s future. A wall that could have us all speaking Mandarin or Arabic once climbed? I have no idea. Either way, God is who we need to turn to. Not government. Government is made of human beings who feel they are more important than you and I. God sees them and will act upon their eternity just as He sees us and acts on our eternity. Your choice for eternity, right?

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