On occasion we find a friend who can see things differently or one who has so positive an outlook that his or her positivity rubs off on us. This is not common but it does occur. On rare occasions some find a psychiatrist who can guide us back from the cliff if our perception of life becomes overwhelming. Life ain’t easy, as my Mom used to say.

Coming from my background of combat and a family that was torn asunder by personality conflicts I had to go the extra mile to get myself on track and that only in my middle years. I spent a long time banging my head against the proverbial wall. I eventually had to repaint that wall which I did and discovered that the wall of banging my head looked like any other wall once touched up. It is the task of repainting the wall that allows thoughts of forgiveness while teaching that carrying grudges tears a mind apart. I can honestly say that I carry no grudge at this point.

You see, I cannot change a damn thing in the past and I now look to a much sharper future. A future with much portent of finality in which I know better than to go elsewhere carrying hate or anything other than love. A hard lesson but one that clears the air so thoroughly that I can see past the horizon. In this state of mind life washes over me and runs away from me leaving me cleansed not sullied by negativity. Fresh water only for me. To bathe in freshness and a love of life and the clarity of finality for all. It is the event after the final exercise that matters. To die carrying no enmity is what He is looking for in all of us.

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