On the Other Hand

Yesterdays post concerned sobriety and how I achieved it with help from above. But, some may ask, how do I know I got help from above? Wasn’t it merely the case that I just swore off booze and straightened myself out? Did a letter come in the mail from God in the form a bill to cover His expenses for assisting me in getting sober? Or, did I just make it up because that is what I want to believe? You might perceive that I’ve heard all this before.

I could answer in the affirmative to the first or, figuratively speaking, the second question above. But that would make it easy for you and I. Without being too presumptuous, I am certain that some did ask those questions. It is reasonable to ask this if you do not put importance in God and who He really is: our Creator, our Father. This to is a question in these times but from the times I came up in it was a certainty. Certainties do not come and go with political attitudes. Certainty comes from a reality accepted as truth. Faith is a dependence on that truth and it is faith that so many lack in these times. Hence, our current reality.

I was taught as a youngster to believe but I required truth outside the church I was brought up in to properly understand foundational principles. That is part of the reason I requested, got, and studied the Bible as a pre-teenaged boy. It was reading and, more, considering the continuity in the Scripture that so many miss and that brought me along in my faith. Had I stayed with that particular church I would have lost my faith decades ago. I have watched that church turn political and learned of its history and crooked ways since then. It’s a crying shame to see how far it has fallen but I sort of knew that way back when.

So, it is just attempting to keep myself away from trouble that has turned my life around and it would not be so but for prayer. I was a ruin of a man. Almost a dead man. And now, here I am more happy than I have a right to feel and have gotten back a family that deserved none of what I dished out but has seen a way to forgive and allow healing for all of us.

I have learned that certain lessons are allowed the time to learn if we have faith. Without faith we reap that which we sow. So it is written.

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