Staying Sober

I’m not a man who is well educated in psychology or the mental and physical reactions to addiction. I am one who went through it and paid attention to the way I shook it off. I know how difficult it is to shake something the body craves and, though also craving, the mind warns against continuation of. A dichotomy of the first degree and a rending and tearing of the psyche. It isn’t a 1,2,3 done proposition. Some can use and benefit from A.A. while others, such as myself, can use their inner faith in God to lean on. It was the latter that saw me through.

While in the throws of alcohol addiction it drives a person. Nothing gets in the way of the next drink and should a road block to that drink come into view rational thought disappears. This is what drunk driving is about. Crashing through common sense and caution leaving a wake of destruction behind. One’s entire life becomes an experience of drunk driving and no family member should get in the way lest destruction come their way. It sucks.

Retaining sobriety is not a self help proposition as there are mental and physical hurdles to get over and that is what makes staying away from a substance so very difficult. It is a Siren’s call from out at sea. It seems like a safe harbor for an addled mind to find sanctuary in. It is life itself that drives the addiction because life itself is so very difficult. Being numb to reality is what addiction is about and that is the trap which one pulls at to get away but continues to fail as the teeth of that trap are made of hardened steel.

I turned to God and not some amorphous “Power” out there somewhere in the ether. God is a being of consciousness, love and understanding. He knows what we go through and understands all of our motives. If asked for properly, He will respond to specific needs. This is what I’ve always believed and this is what happened for me. He gave me a defense against the temptation to restart the misery. He saw me through the last eleven years and I never forget to thank Him for what I am now. I believe the same can occur for you but you have to learn to trust that He is at your side. He always has been, you just never gave Him a call. Call Him, He will respond and sometimes in ways that will take you time to see. That is the way He works with us. He knows us much better than we think we know ourselves.

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