Allow me to put this in terms that should not offend anyone with a reasonable mind. What I will write here is of no consequence to this world. It is, though, of consequence to people this world has not fooled. Fooled into believing that anything can go and it won’t hurt others. It is hurting others that pisses me off more than anything on this planet or any planet.

This can be from an open border to not keeping a man’s pants zipped and force a woman to then have an abortion. What is accepted now never, ever used to be this way. Chastity was the result of caring about little guys who are innocent and didn’t have a choice to be here. The woman is said to own her own body but that body is designed for reproduction of our species with the help of a man. To we who are old it used to be that we admired and, therefore, loved one woman in our lives. We sought a marriage partner to stay with for life and fooling around was frowned upon by society in general as society knew what unzipped pants could do. When did this change to anything goes?

It changed in my generation with the help of leftists. We didn’t know this then but we caught on eventually. Hippies. Free love and it brought a lack of respect for the sanctity of a woman and her biological impetus. It was a sad statement and, no, I was not immune but neither did I turn my mind off for the fun of it. I am quite nearly a husk of my former self now and I like it this way. I have repaired many mind alterations that my generation insisted were just fine as we then thought that our parents morality was garbage. We were free to do what felt good. HUMANS ARE NOT FREE TO DO AS THEY PLEASE. This because others get hurt and some of those are the essence of innocence. The abridging of freedoms is not what we speak of here. We are speaking of freedoms that cost others freedom. Murder is yet one more of these.

Eventually, consideration of what is proper rears is sterling head if thought about at the level of doing no harm. Ask any doctor who delivers babies. If, that is, they aren’t trained by leftists. No, I am not a political person but I know who is attempting to sink our country through the destruction of our morality. All is OK is a fallacy of infinite evil. Evil is what now has us off balance and it’s aim is to kill us. Take what I write for what you think it’s worth. I am difficult to offend as I consider the source.

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