It is the last thing I thought would capture me: writing. Although I am far from a famous author or even a graduate in literature I do have the chops to relate in words my opinions based on life experience. These experiences are seventy-six years in the making and my admission is that writing did actually take the place of alcohol. I beat the latter and settled into the former to bring about major changes in my life. All in a days work?

No, it was all in losing my life and then regaining my life in spades. Reuniting with my family after accepting the blame for my own actions and kicking booze from my existence. Writing was clarity in all the years it took to come around to my sanity. A sanity lost in combat decades ago. A war that should never have been initiated and the terrible baggage I married my lovely wife carrying.

All this and no AA meetings. I just gained clarity on those things that were killing me psychically and physically. I wanted to bury them before I was buried and that I have achieved. It was writing that rounded me back into who I really was and, no, this isn’t a self-help but you may take from what I place here that which may encourage you in your own life. It isn’t easy but, oh, so worth the pain to be aware that each breath you take is a gift. Hey, it’s been eleven years with no back sliding so I do know what I’m talking about.

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Not the Same A Drunk
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