Not the Same

It is rather basic to state but we are all more or less the same. If, that is, sanity prevails in our lives. I am not going to define sanity here other than to say it is taking care of problems as they occur and having no doubt that problems arise each day for everyone. How we handle those problems makes a difference and somewhere in there is the edge of sanity. Step past it and you fall. Simple enough? Well, not really. It could be though. Depends doesn’t it? On the person, that is. How insane shall I tell you I became? I’ll let it go as boring you with my past mistakes is not what I want to do or what you want or need to hear.

What I would like to say is that what makes us all the same is breathing. I believe it is the simplest thing to point a finger at. Then comes water to drink, food to eat, and love with another. Love brings support and support gets us through. Breath and love is what it comes down to. The rest are luxury items.

I am going to be laying a foundation here and believe me this comes with immense humility and no gotchas. I already got myself and didn’t like it one bit. I came damn close, we’re talking minutes, to drinking myself to death. Oh, and what a piece of work I was before my self-annihilation. No excuses and no blaming others, I did it to myself and I did it to my family. I am so grateful to have that behind me and have now healed all riffs and separations by assuming all responsibility and blame even if others may have had a little to share. Life is not a one way street . . . ever. It is how we handle it and how much we understand that we are not special in any way except, and this is the crux, to love and forgive. There is power in sharing whatever comes our way. Never, never take this for granted!

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